Sunday, February 15, 2009

Teaching Is Coaching!

As part of being athlete here at SUNY Cortland we were required to attend a speaker; Marvin Lewis the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. I really enjoyed this speaker, for he was not there to tell us about alcohol, he was there to inform us about his career and that being a coach is just as important as being a teacher. He started the speech by stating that the fact that we were introduced to the things we do today are luck. For example, I play soccer so he stated that it is luck that my family introduced me to soccer and I am still playing in college today. Then he went on talking about the importance of coaching and the amount of time, dedication, and ability to coach the best is very difficult. He also told us that it is the hardest to coach the kids that already understand the skills and execute them correctly, for you put them to high standards and you want all the others to do as they do; and as a result they tend to get very board very quickly. I found this speaker very helpful and informative, considering that I would like to be a coach one day.

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