Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dodgeball In PE?

Over the years the game dodgeball has been a controversy in Physical Education classes. There have been arguments that it is a dangerous game, and that it promotes violence; due to the fact that the point of the game is to get people out by throwing a ball at a body.
I understand the concerns that adults might have with their children playing this game, but I also believe that with the right modifications and supervision the game can be quite fun and address a lot of motor skills. One might not realize that the game of dodgeball covers throwing, catching, running, flexibility, and aiming. These skills are very common in most sports and are very important in the motor development of a child; as well as test the development of the teenagers.

The types of modifications that you can make include giving targets instead of throwing the ball at the person. Use the correct types of ball, for example a foam ball. And of course with any sport the correct adult supervision. In the end, I believe that dodgeball should be allowed to be played in Physical Education classes. It can be very fun and can really benefit a child’s motor development growth.

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