Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Hands AnD Feet~

Today we observed the children do two controlling skills, passing with their feet and dribbling with their hands. The group that worked with the children this week did a great job incorporating two opposite skills to get the children involved. Putting together a drill that uses two different parts of the body must have been difficult.

Thinking about all the activities we did as a whole with the children at St. Mary’s I feel that they were pretty age appropriate. And in the instances that they weren’t I believe we did our best to adjust the games in order to keep the children interested and performing the skills that we were looking for. I think that the games were appropriate because I feel on the first day we observed the children we were going to be working with and got a feeling for the age and ability level; therefore going into the gym the next few times we had an advantage.

There will always be limitations when teaching, that’s why we as students becoming teachers need to get a feel of the different limitations and learn to work around them. For example, one of the limitations that we had was there was too many adults to children, not allowing for each individual to be the leader of an activity. But to overcome these limitations while in our groups, we were each able to lead a different part of each activity allowing for full interaction and experience. The lesson of overcoming limitations is important to learn as a student becoming a teacher.

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