Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today we did an Easter themed activities with the children. My group had the pre-school students so first we had them design their own Easter baskets. Then we read them a Dora the Explorer Easter story, which related to the activity in the gym. Then when we brought them to the gym they really connected and enjoyed the Easter egg hunt with their new Easter baskets. I really enjoyed working with the younger children.
My experience with the pre-K kids was very different then working with the older kids. Working with the pre-school students is different because it is harder to keep their attention, they are very touchy, and they are just not as experienced in some of the skills we working on. It was difficult, for I feel we were worried that in some activities they would get trampled on by the older kids, but designating an area in the corner of the gym really helped this issue. But overall was fun, for example when we combined a book with the activity in the gym. I really enjoyed working with the younger aged children, for they don’t complain as much as the older ones, and when it comes down to teaching them skills they will listen, for they will be learning things for the first time.

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